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Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006, 10:53 pm

additions to the list:

* not let a broken heart stop me from ANYTHING
* develop a collection of unique wall art from local art school students
* dance and not give a damn what people are thinking about me
* road trip, doesn't matter where, just a random, long ass road trip
* take proper measures to prevent a hangover
* not look back
* be me and never apologize
* throw one hell of a party this winter break

in other news, i am officially heart broken. that tingle that you wake up with every morning that tells you the world is yours for the taking is gone. i'm not sure what i did, and he refuses to tell me. apparently i ignore him and don't talk about things. he's the one that won't answer my calls or texts. he's the one who blows me off when we schedule things. he's the one who told me forever, and forgot to mention that 'forever' was only a few months.

i was the one stupid enough to put out.

but they say life goes on, and it does. but not as fast as i would like. i have met new boys, i have a new (ridiculously spacious 2 bedroom apartment on linden walk all to myself), i have finals to study for and work to be endlessly occupied by. nothing seems to phase  me anymore.

how long do you wait to sleep with some one new? are there rules to this? especially for a girl? why can't women be the studs and guys be the sluts. imagine how the world would change.

but i have some mixed cd's to make. long before the ipod, one had to carefully craft a mixed cd. there had to be a purpose, a specific order. each song needed to be chosen with care not just for its lyrics, but for how it made you feel. the mixed cd, much like the mixed tape, is a long lost art form. that's one pitfall of the ipod. a playlist ( the new generations mixed cd/tape), can be endless. 5 to 500 songs. things keep evolving, but certain things should just be sacred.

Wed, Nov. 22nd, 2006, 10:09 am
something i must do...

i am always saying things i must do in my life time. out of boredom (or determination) i'm writting all these things down. this list will be forever growing. so far, here it is....

go to a world cup
see a poetry slam at the louvre
go to boston and experience the irish mob
get my name on a plaque on a barstoll at mccarthy's
visit new york and not sleep my entire trip
a surfing excersion in mexico
hosts dinner parties at me new apartment and make sure a new dish is on the menu each time
get a great dane and name her lilly
go to chicago in the winter and see everything
live in OB
get my tattoos finished
set a trend
date a hockey player and make my father proud
at one point, sacrifice a major piece of furniture for an air hockey table

this is what i have so far. but there will always be more to come

Sat, Oct. 21st, 2006, 04:35 pm

i've realized today that i'm alone, and that i always have been. nothing changes

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